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EnergySavers.ie aims to bring you best products around for conserving energy, which will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time.  Switch now to energy saving LED light bulbs and instal some clever time switches. Browse our site for unique and innovative products that will help make your life easier AND less expensive at the same time!  We specialise in LED bulbs for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting which are long lasting and energy saving which are easy on the environment and on your pocket!


Popular Products

28 Watt CFL DD Bulb

A fluorescent DD lamp with premium specifications, designed for use in commercial and industrial settings, such as offices, warehouses and supermarkets,

20 Watt CFL Globe Bulb

For the larger fittings, this CFL globe will easily replace your old incandescent lamps and save you 80% in energy costs. Ideal for sheds!

Large Screw-in Fitting.

4 Watt Frosted LED Candle Bulb Thin Screw Fitting

4 Watt frosted bulb with skinny screw base

3 Watt GU10 Warm White Bulb

Energy Saving 3 Watt Bulb suitable to use with most downlighter halogen fittings.